Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch visit (Robinson Family Farms)

On October 17th, it was a sunny Saturday (Google "sunny" if you have forgotten what that is) and we headed to Robinson Family Farms for an outing. We were hoping to go do free pumpkin patch activities at Outback Gardens, but we could not find our way there. As it turns out, apparently we missed the HUGE sign and pumpkins stacked on a stake by the sign because a truck passed us at the turn off obscuring our view and so forcing us to go to Robinson Family Farms that was further down the road where we had to pay (and if you want to do certain activities such as ride a pony around in a circle or launch pumpkins from a giant slingshot, there's an extra fee!) Admission along gets pretty pricy when you have 3 kids and both parents, but we had a fun day.
Shiloh's favorite activity was definately petting and holding the bunnies. Isaac's favorite was the hayride, which he did twice (once together with us and once by himself). Hannah's favorite was being able to bust a pumpkin at the pumpkin launch.

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Linda C said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! Great photos here!! It's so funny that Shiloh is not afraid of all those bunnies!:)

Aunt LaLa